Vitalism and Vitamedicine

Vitalism is the doctrine that life originates in a vital principle that is distinct from other forces. There is a belief that there is a vital force operating in the living organism. All living things are sustained by a vital force, there is a vital force within all living things, and that the vital force guides life. There is a force that surrounds us. Matter in the form of living cells acts differently from the same matter in dead cells. Vitality and the vital force are essential philosophical, fundamental, and integral elements of natural medicine. Vitality has numerous meanings, such as the state of being strong and active, energetic, dynamic, aliveness, animative, resilient, and having a meaning in life. Vitalism and the vital force could be referred to as intelligent design.

Vitamedicine is a personalised person-centred holistic system of health care with a core set of philosophies, principles, and practices. Vitamedicine looks at the whole person, physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and environmentally, and focuses on the person’s individual needs. It aims to address the underlying causes of disordered health and promote optimum health. The uniqueness of everyone is taken into account with vitamedicine. Vitamedicine is integrative in nature and utilises the integration of traditional knowledge and science.

The pillars of vitamedicine are: First, do no harm; Treat the whole person; Identify and treat the cause; Prevention and health promotion in all areas; The healing power of nature and that of the body; The health professional is a teacher; Regular hydration; Nourish with wholefoods; Support with herbal medicines; Daily physical activity and regular movement; Mindfulness; and Sleep and rest.

Reference: McEwen B. Vitalism and Vitamedicine. JATMS 2021; 27(4): 200-207.

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