Vitamedicine Podcasts

Vitamedicine Podcasts are available through Apple Podcasts and Spotify. 


Selected Podcasts

Dr Brad regularly does podcasts. Please find selected podcasts below.

FX Medicine Podcasts

Cardiometabolic Syndrome: Part 1


Cardiometabolic Syndrome: Part 2


The Biochemistry Of Pyrroles


Body Science Podcasts

How To Improve Your Sleep and Recovery

The Stress-Weight Connection: Stress, Cortisol & Weight Loss

The Big Four of Stress & Diet

Sleep Better

Thermogenic Supplements for Fat Burning

Stress Less, Sleep More with Dr Brad McEwen

How to Cope with Stress & Busy Workloads Naturally

Mentoring with Geraldine

You’re not ‘just’ a nutritionist!

Formulating & Compounding in Practice

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